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Council to launch new crackdown on Dips disorder

New proposals described as Wirral’s ‘biggest crackdown on yobs so far’ after problems at Wirral’s coast have been welcomed by residents and councillors.

As lockdown eased, large crowds started gathering at The Dips in Wallasey, leading to anti-social behaviour, litter and violence.

Another £3 million granted to Wirral Council

It has been announced that a further £3 million is being paid to Wirral Council by the Government to support the Borough during the Covid-19 pandemic.  
This brings the total value of grants paid to Wirral Council to just under £100 million.

Council seeks injunction to have travellers moved from Dips

Wirral Council is applying for an injunction to have travellers removed from the Dips at New Brighton, following concerns from residents and local councillors.

It is almost two years to the day since more than 20 caravans set up camp at the popular local beauty spot.

Post Office IT review welcomed

News that the Government has ordered an independent review into how IT failures in the Post Office network led to local closures across Wirral has been welcomed by a local councillor.

Update on action at The Dips

Following widespread problems around the Dips on 30/31 May, many residents contacted Councillors Ian Lewis, Lesley Rennie and Paul Hayes with requests for help to avoid a repeat in the weeks ahead.

Cash boost for cycling and walking in Wirral

12 June 2020: The first scheme proposed from the first tranche of the Government's new Emergency Active Travel Fund (see article below) has now been proposed at the Active Travel Forum.