What we stand for

We are a patriotic party of the centre-right in UK politics. We stand for freedom, enterprise, community and equality of opportunity.

We are a party of choice, responsibility, local decisions, low taxation and strong but limited government. We believe a strong economy is the key to the services and security we all rely on.

We are a party which champions individual choice.

Conservatives believe that people and not government make the decisions that are best for themselves, their families and communities. Parents, students, tenants, consumers and investors must have the freedom to choose.

We are a party of responsibility.

Conservatives believe that people must take responsibility for the decisions they make and bear the consequences if they break the law. Freedom cannot exist without responsibility and respect for the rule of law.  We are ending 'free movement' and will introduce an immigration system that is fair but firm.

We are a party giving people more say over their lives.

Conservatives believe that decisions should be made as close to the people as possible. Big government stifles local action. We believe in re-empowering local communities and giving more power to tenants, employees, parents and residents.

We are a party of low taxation.

Conservatives want to see people keep more of the money they earn and not have it eaten up by excessive government spending. We believe in prioritising the family budget over the government budget. We believe in cutting taxes for the lowest paid and the most vulnerable but using the taxes people pay to fund improvements to the services we all rely on, such as schools, hospitals and security.

We are a party of strong but limited government.

Conservatives believe in government that is strong in its guarantee of security, freedom and civil liberties, but limited in its size, cost and ability to interfere in the day to day lives of individuals, families and businesses.  We believe the UK must have strong defence coupled with free and fair trade with other nations around the globe. 

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Can you help the local Conservatives campaign for our area? Please tick...
We need volunteers to help ensure we run a full operation in target areas at the next elections
Councillors, candidates and activists meet for a couple of hours on Saturday mornings to deliver leaflets and letters.
If you prefer to help us at a time that suits you, delivering a newsletter to 150 or so houses is a great way to help!
It's really important that we speak to residents about our plans for the future and the way in which Labour is failing the people of Wirral.
If you would like to make a donation, tick this box and our treasurer will be in touch with how you can help us in this way.
Not everyone is in when we knock on their door and other voters prefer a call. Let us know if you can phone voters from the comfort of your own home!
We're looking to select candidates to stand in the 2021 Wirral Council elections.
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